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Part I
Chapter 1                  Introduction
Chapter 2                  The Creation of Atlantis
Chapter 3                  Mid-Atlantic Ridge Creates Islands
Chapter 4                  Remains of Atlantis
Chapter 5                  Rise of Atlantis

Part II
Chapter 6                  Migration to Atlantis
Chapter 7                  Atlantis When Man Arrived
Chapter 8                  Settling and Constructing Atlantis
Chapter 9                  Organization and Laws of Atlantis
Chapter 10                The Religion of Atlantis
Chapter 11                Colonies and Trading Partners
Chapter 12                War with Athens
Chapter 13                Legacy of Atlantis

Part III
Chapter I4                 The Destruction of Atlantis
Chapter 15                The Warning
Chapter 16                Satan Comes to Earth
Chapter 17                The Scientific Reason for the Destruction of Atlantis
Chapter 18                Chaos on Earth
Chapter 19                Ancient Documentation
Chapter 20                The Actual Eyewitnesses
Chapter 21                Other Ancient References
Chapter 22                Conclusions

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