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UnKnownTruths Publishing Company was formed to publish true stories of the unusual or of the previously Unknown or unexplained.  These stories typically provide radically different views from those that have shaped the understandings of our natural world, our religions, our science, our history, and even the foundations of our civilizations.

The Company’s stories also include stories of the very important anti-aging, life-extending medical breakthroughs; stem cell therapies; genetic therapies; cloning and other emerging findings that promise to change the very meaning of life.

The Company also publishes stories from the past that are so unbelievable that they are generally considered to be myths.  The published stories provide the evidence for the truth.

The stories can be divided into 10 categories:

  1. Almost True Story Adventure Stories
  2. Anti-Aging and Health
  3. Children Books
  4. Creatism/Evolution
  5. Crimes and Criminals
  6. Making Films at Universal Studios
  7. Military and Government
  8. Psychics & Unworldly
  9. Religious Views
  10. The Ancients

All of our books are described at UnknownTruths.com

Our books are available worldwide from Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and Smashwords for all distributors including Apple, Sony, Kobo and all book sellers.

Copyright © 2011 – 2015 UnknownTruths Publishing Company

Atlantis the Eyewitnesses is available in several formats including in 3 separate parts as listed below.

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Book and Format
Amazon Barnes & Nobe Smashwords Audio Book
Part I Creation of Atlantis $2.99
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Part II Legacy of Atlantis $2.99
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Part III Destruction of Atlantis $3.99
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Atlantis the Eyewitnesses (all parts) $7.99
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Atlantis the Eyewitnesses Paperback $14.99
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Atlantis the Eyewitnesses Audio Book $14.95
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